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Contact our Head Office on +44 (0) 800 622 6479. Pumpsdirect2u are specialists in providing the Vane Pumps, featuring a wide range of Vane Pumps to suit your Vane Pumps requirements.  Feel free to browse our Vane Pumps; if you have any questions, or queries about our Vane Pumps our support team will be happy to help.

LVP Series Stainless Steel Vane Pump
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Vane pumps are used for liquid transfer applications ranging from chemicals to liquefied gases. Vanes extend from slots in the rotor, sweeping liquid through a cam shaped cavity. The vanes provide very low slip and high volumetric efficiency for lower total cost of ownership. Advanced DurabilityLVP series vane pump sets the benchmark for durability with its standard, stainless steel casing surface-hardened to 62 Rockwell C maximizing casing and vane life. Its hard chrome oxide coated shaft turns in a hard silicon carbide sleeve bearing, providing industry leading pressure capabilities to 14 bar. The LVP pump's self-adjusting, PEEK plastic vanes and push rods provide superior vacuum capabilities Ease of InstallationPump installation has never been easier. The LVP series' DIN or ANSI standard porting simplifies connection to local standard systems, and eliminates adapter leak points. To protect the pump from over pressure, a top mounted, adjustable pressure relief valve is standard. For those applications utilizing local or remote monitoring systems, LVP series provides standard gauge ports. A rotatable casing with motor mount option, on two smallest models, permits vertical or horizontal porting. With motor speed operation up to 23 m3/hr @ 50Hz, Viking has eliminated a speed reducer and one shaft alignment, a coupling and guard to simplify installation, reducing system costs Application FlexibilityLVP series' delivers broad chemical compatibility with its advanced durability features and higher pressure capabilities (14 bar), on even the thinnest liquids, enabling the pump to be an ideal fit for multiple liquids and applications. Its self-priming, short-term dry-run-capability and bi-directional pumping design is ideal for loading/unloading, or line stripping operations. The LVP series delivers non-pulsing, low shear flow with superior vacuum capability and volumetric efficiency to deliver the same capacity on thin liquids as a stainless steel gear or screw pump, using less energy. Lower cost of OwnershipThe LVP series' easy to pipe, straight through porting design with raised face IEC or NEMA flanges, elastomeric O ring seals on the head, relief valve, and seal gland provide superior sealing reliability. The LVP series is also built with fewer parts, minimizing maintenance. Commonality of this series' parts reduces overall parts inventory. For example, the interchangeable discs on the front and back side of the rotor can be reversed for twice the life. In 20 minutes, a vane replacement service can be completed without removing the pump from its system, reducing maintenance time and life cycle costs. Designed for use with more than 200 thin liquids, the LVP series has tailored sealing solutions available for virtually every liquid and application to minimize leaks, for a lower total cost of ownership Applications Corrosive, Thin Liquids - Acids & Alkalis, Alcohols & Solvents, Aqueous Solutions Flammable Liquids - Monomers, Hexane, Pentane, Refined Fuels Higher Pressures - Reactor Vessel Ingredient Metering, Suction Lift Applications (up to 12 metre suction lift).
Vane Pump
LVP Series Stainless Steel Vane Pump
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