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Steel Treadle Irrigation Pump (Pulley & Steel Rope Arrangement)
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Atreadle pumpis defined as a foot operated single acting double cylinder pistonpumpfor low lift irrigation.Pumpingis activated by stepping up and down on thetreadlesto drive the attached pistons, creating suction in the cylinder that draws groundwater to the surface.Complete pressure treadle pump:1) Pump2) Discharge and suction pipe assemblies3) Frame, treadle and handle.The treadle pump is designed like a car engine as it uses pistons to create a suction force. This pistons force water from a stream, well, borehole or river to a container or bucket and in some cases directly to a field for irrigation. The treadle pump is operated by the manipulating body weight on two treadles with the and by holding two handlebars or wooden frame for support. The water is drawn from a water source as a labourer steps up and down on the treadles. Water is drawn up through eight to ten metres of plastic pipe that is submerged into the water source. The treadle pump, depending on make is able to draw one to three litres of water a second and this means up to 60 l of water a minute. The water flow stops instantaneously when the labourer takes his foot of the treadles. The Pressure Treadle Pump is a variation on the standard treadle pump that allows water to be lifted above the level of the pump itself. This greatly increases the versatility of the pump: Water can be lifted to elevated plots of land It can be pumped through hoses over long distances (up to 500 m) It works with total head 55 feet with maximum 20 feet suction lift. It can be used to fill the elevated tanks of drip and sprinkler irrigation systems. The discharge out put is >5000 liters per hour depending upon the depth. Technical Specifications: PumpTreadle pump— Pressure typeMaximum Suction Het Greater than 6 mMaximum Total Pressure Head: Greater than 12 mDischarge Rate: Greater than 1 litres/second at a total head of 5 metresNumber of pumping cylinders: 2Cylinder diameter: 100 to 125 minCylinder stroke: Greater than 70 mmCylinder wall thickness: Minimum of 2 minCylinder material: Mild steelMaterial of piston cup: Leather, or moulded or extruded rubberIf leather, then thickness of leather cup: 3 to 5 mmValve seat: Vertical flan valvesNumber of vertical flan valves: 4Material of pressure bushes: Extruded HDPE or mivalentPistons and cups must be easily removable from cylinders without the use of specialised toolsFoundation: Bolt, Holes exactly 9 inches square (i.e. 228.6 mm).Pump cylinder size: 1 ˝” x 20”, 2” x 20”The Pressure Treadle pump retains the advantages of the standard Treadle Pump, including low cost (albeit slightly more expensive than the standard version), efficient foot-powered operation, locally manufactured, easily maintained, and the ability to generate significant additional income for smallholders. It is a double cylinder and double acting model, both downward stroke and upward stroke delivers water and optimum utilization of energy spent is achieved. A portable self-contained unit sits at ground level. Flexibility in installation, it can be moved from one location to another, without any permanent installation on a single well.
Treadle Pump
Steel Treadle Irrigation Pump (Pulley & Steel Rope Arrangement)
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